Century City Mall

Century City Mall is a remarkable, world-class shopping and entertainment complex located in Century City, Makati, Philippines. It features a vibrant range of shops, services, and restaurants – and the most cutting-edge cinemas in Metro Manila!

Dynamic Shopping
Clothes, gadgets, books, shoes – you name it, we’ve pretty much got what you’re looking for. In fact, Century City Mall is such a family-oriented space that mom, dad, and the kids can all go off and have a great time and reconvene for food and entertainment without breaking a sweat!

Fine Dining
A fantastic mix of new and exciting restaurant concepts peppers the mall and provides an array of delightful cuisines. From local favorites to delightful international food brands, Century City Mall offers a unique range of food and beverage options to tantalize both casual diners and seasoned connoisseurs alike.

Superlative Cinema
Century City Mall’s cinemas are some of the coziest and most comfortable in town! Its three nifty cinemas are a cinemaphile’s dream. But the Premier Cinema is a jewel above the rest. Featuring high-end brown leather seats and carpet fabrics, fully-digitized projection, top-of-the-range Dolby Atmos 7.1 surround sound, and a direct connection to the cinema lounge – not to mention a massive free bag of popcorn and large drink – the premier cinema is the ultimate movie fanatic haven!

Tailored Boutiques
Century City Mall is one of the most compact malls in Makati. As such, there was a conscious effort to feature tenants that truly match and cater the lifestyles of Century residents and visitors. This allows for a streamlined and highly-focused customer experience and good differentiation between stores.

Quality Experience
Century City Mall is a dynamic lifestyle focal point with plenty of natural light and ventilation for optimal comfort. From its generous outdoor spaces that are landscaped and terraced to let you better socialize, seamless free WiFi, to its customer-centric concierge and shuttle service to keep you happy and connected, Century City Mall provides a holistic, elevated, and distinguished customer experience.

Remarkable design
Century City Mall exemplifies the best in modern retail design and architecture. Its external white color minimizes heat gain to the walls and roof. The facade material (EIFS – Exterior Insulation Finishing System) creates a wall that avoids heat gain to the units, reducing the energy needed for air conditioning. The tinted horizontal glass sheets reflect sunlight and reduce heat transmission to the floors, thereby significantly improving your comfort level.

Natural ventilation and vegetation on the roof garden (level 4) help filter the air and reduce local temperature. Natural light filters through all levels via a series of sky lights. Waterless urinals save water consumption. These and others help make Century City Mall not just a pleasant place to dine, shop, and relax, but a destination that respects the environment for the benefit of all in the community.

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