Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant & Deli

Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, Daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She saw to it that the people of Olympus were well-entertained and well-fed and that the fire of Olympus never died-out.

In Chateau Hestia, we just do not give you a restaurant but we also give you a feeling that you are in your own home. In this half a hectare property surrounded with lush greens, you can enjoy and entertain your own guests with our authentic European cuisine in a country-style but elegant setting.

Johannes Zehethofer, a native of Vienna, Austria, brings to the Filipinos this unique European experience. It started with his travels all-over the world, his fondness to entertain his friends, his love for wine and good food — the result was a love affair!

At Chateau Hestia, he offers different dishes from his collection of recipes and lets them be enjoyed with his carefully-chosen wines – all in a homey atmosphere where he personally hosts his guests.

Truly like the Goddess’ sacred fire, the experience never dies out!

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Silang Cavite PH
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09:00AM - 10:00PM Daily and Public Holidays