Ark Avilon Zoo

Resembling the biblical Noah’s Ark, ARK AVILON ZOO is home to various exotic wildlife like WHITE TIGER, JAGUAR, SUN BEAR, JAVAN LEOPARD, SULCATA TORTOISES, VICTORIA CROWNED PIGEON, MEERKATS, PRAIRIE DOGS and Ark Avilon’s latest addition, the HUMBOLT PENGUINS. ARK AVILON ZOO is everybody’s interactive zoo, from kids to the kids at heart. Appreciate the wonders and beauty of nature and learn about conservation while having fun!

… Get up close and personal with Jenny the Bornean Orangutan, Busty the Shetland Pony, Jack the Bearcat, C-2 the Moluccan Cockatoo, Tyson the Burmese Python and many other interactive animals… Enjoy feeding rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep and other farm animals in our FARMLAND Feeding Station. Play in our Mini Playground… Celebrate a party or get together on our Upper Deck Activity Area…


Learn and explore while CELEBRATING WILDLIFE with ZOOper exciting activities that only ARK AVILON ZOO can offer!

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Pasig NCR PH
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Mon - Fri 9:00AM - 6:00PM